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In the heat of battle, the best laptop cooling pad will keep you and your computer from sweating. Whether you are a gamer or a business person with a need for high productivity, you need to have the best equipment on your side. You never know when you are going to need more activity from your laptop, and you never know when you might lose an entire project due to a moment of overheating.


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The best laptop cooling pad can save you the hassle of all of these situations. You can avoid unexpected mistakes and extend the life of your hardware at the same time. You just need to know which laptop cooling pad to get. Here is a list of the best laptop cooling pads on the market today so that you can make an informed decision about what you are really looking for.


havit HV-F2056 15.6"-17" Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad - Slim Portable USB...
  • [Ultra-portable]: slim, portable, and light weight allowing you to protect your investment wherever you go
  • [Ergonomic comfort]: doubles as an ergonomic stand with two adjustable Height settings
  • [Optimized for laptop carrying]: the high-quality multi-directional metal mesh provides your laptop with a...

This Slim portable cooling pad is great for programmers and gamers who spend a lot of time on their computers in long stretches. You are the kind of person who needs a high level of performance at all times, and you cannot afford to lose progress in a day just because you forgot to save. The Havit Slim is one of the laptop cooling pads that are on the top of many people's lists. Let's take a look at just a few of the most important reasons.

First of all, the Havit is a great-looking laptop cooling pad. It is one of the slimmest on the market, but it still has three fans, each 110 mm, that are all highlighted by blue LED lights. You get construction in HD multidirectional metal mesh. All of this comes together to form a very stable and durable carrying surface even if you are always on the move. As an added bonus, you get extra USB ports and an extra power switch for a bit more convenience than you might find in the majority of laptop cooling pads.

One of the major advantages of this cooling pad is the extremely quiet noise level. Even so, you still get a 65 CFM airflow. Another reason that this may be the best laptop cooling pad on the market is that it actually doubles as a stand with two different height settings that you can use for better typing and viewing.


TECKNET Laptop Cooling Pad, Portable Ultra-Slim Quiet Laptop Notebook...
  • Tecknet Laptop Cooling Pad with two110mm strong fans and metal mesh provides optimal airflow to help keep your device(...
  • Slim, portable and lightweight, easy to take away; Blue rear LED indicator helps to notice the active status of the pad.
  • Flat bottom allows to place your device anywhere and ergonomic design pvovides a comfortable using experience .

The TECKNET N5 Laptop Cooling Pad can definitely hold its own on this list of best laptop cooling pads. Many of the top gamers in the world use this pad alongside many casual users. It is one of the most comfortable surfaces that you will ever work on, and it keeps both you and your laptop cool at the same time. It has a dual fan design that dissipates heat in a very sophisticated way, and it also has dual intake vents so that you can lay your laptop on hard surfaces without damaging it. More importantly than that, you can actually put the laptop on a pillow without worrying about overheating.

Some of the best features of this laptop cooling pad include metal mesh support that keeps the pad from skidding on any surface. You also get an incredibly broad amount of compatibility with the size of the laptop you can match here—from 12 to 16 inches. The sloped design gives you the best angle for viewing and typing, with special attention to reducing the strain on your wrists. Also, you get a USB pass-through connector with two ports that are built in for an easy connection with more than one device.


Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad 12"-17" Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5 Quiet Fans...
  • Super quiet fans create a noise-free & interference-free environment for you.
  • 5 Built-in fans (big fan: 5.9-inch, small fans: 2.76-inch) with Blue LEDs, two On/Off switches to control 5 fans and...
  • Dual USB hub allows to connect more USB devices.

If you are looking for a laptop cooling pad with a great deal of versatility, then you may have found your match right here. This laptop stand has five built-in fans that can be controlled individually. Three working modes provide a template for different situations, and blue LED lights give you the real-time working status of the pad. And they look great as well. You get an almost noiseless operation so you don't have to worry about being disturbed during intense gaming or business sessions. On top of this, you can set the height setting in six different ways.

Compatibility with laptops from 12 to 17 inches ensures that you will have a fully integrated workspace. Another reason that this is one of the best laptop cooling pads on the market is that you have different sizes of fans and the ability to control those fans in a very customized way. This laptop cooling pad only weighs 2.52 pounds, so it is easy to create a mobile workstation as well.

TopMate Gaming Laptop Cooler

TopMate C5 Laptop Cooling Pad Gaming Notebook Cooler, Laptop Fan...
  • 【High Speed Fan】TopMate Gaming laptop cooling pad has 5 fans, the four outer fans and the large center super strong...
  • 【Ergonomic Design】The notebook cooler has a unique design and adjustable tilting. 5 heights adjustment allow you to...
  • 【Non-Slip Baffle】There is a hinged flap on the laptop cooler that you can flip up to keep the laptop from sliding...

If you are looking for a laptop cooling pad with a great deal of versatility, then you may have found your match right here. This laptop stand has five built-in fans that can be controlled individually. Three working modes provide a template for different situations, and blue LED lights give you the real-time working status of the pad. And they look great as well. You get an almost noiseless operation so you don't have to worry about being disturbed during intense gaming or business sessions. On top of this, you can set the height setting in six different ways.

Compatibility with laptops from 12 to 17 inches ensures that you will have a fully integrated workspace. Another reason that this is one of the best laptop cooling pads on the market is that you have different sizes of fans and the ability to control those fans in a very customized way. This laptop cooling pad only weighs 2.52 pounds, so it is easy to create a mobile workstation as well.


Thermaltake Massive TM Aluminum Panel Dual 120mm Fans Adjustable...
  • EXTREME VENTILATION: Dual 120mm temperature regulated fans allowing manual/automatic adjust the fan speed
  • TEMPERATURE SENSOR: Adjustable temperature sensor monitoring up to 4 different areas
  • DISPLAY CONTROL PANEL: Easy and smart multi function display panel include lock button and and fan control

Do you have a notebook that needs cooling all the time? Do you want to have a cooling pad that draws the attention of your friends as well? If so, then this is definitely the cooling pad for you. The sleek and elegant design is only one reason that this is one of the best laptop and notebook cooling pads on the market, however. The ergonomic features belie the adjustable temperature sensor and the fan regulation that you get in this great looking device. There is a reason that they call it the Thermaltake—you can control every aspect of the temperature here.

Notebook users also need a comfortable viewing angle, because the device is usually used in places where the light source is coming from different angles. Fortunately, this cooling pad is highly adjustable, and it also features incredibly quiet operation.


Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooling Pad with 160mm...
  • Mesh surface and 1 fan provide a chill mat for your laptop, Apple Mac BookPro, Ultrabook, notebook or netbook
  • High performance 160 mm fan can spinat approximately 1500 RPM
  • Heavy duty, yet ultra slim profile is great for gaming laptops

Cooler Master is a brand that is well known to the gaming community, but you may actually use it for business purposes as well. This is one of the best laptop cooling pads on the market for a reason—it is incredibly versatile and integrates well with laptops up to 17 inches. You also get a mesh surface and an extremely heavy duty 160 mm fan. If you are a heavy gamer, this 1500 RPM fan will definitely keep your laptop cool so that you can get the job done without having to worry about your hardware.

However, this is in the only reason that Cooler Master gets the job done. You get a pastor connection that is built in for USB ports, quiet operation, and extremely slim profile. This helps your entire system become more portable, although you lose nothing in terms of heat dissipation and airflow. This comes from the perforated metal mesh that adds to the durability of the cooler as well.


Tree New Bee High Performance Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad for 15.6 -...
  • 【Compatible Laptop】Fancy Buying laptop fan cooling pad compatible with almost all 12''-17.3'' laptop, such as Apple...
  • 【Super Cooling & Quiet】Laptop cooling pad with 4 quite fans create a noise-free & interference-free environment for...
  • 【Ergonomic Design】Ergonomic stand with adjustable height settings to play games or watch movies at the most...

You can be forgiven if you have not heard of Tree New Bee because it is one of the newer brands on the market. However, there is a reason that it stands right beside established brands like Cooler Master. Gamers and developers alike are both finding that Tree New Bee may actually give more value for the money depending on the kind of work that you have for it to do. It also has an extremely aggressive look, so it will definitely inspire you while it is taking heat away from your operations.

This cooling pad is made from incredibly durable metal and plastic. It gives you a very aerodynamic airflow that can reduce the heat flowing through your system up to 18°F. This is one of the best levels of performance of any cooling pad on this list. Even so, it is one of the most lightweight and slim cooling pads that we have profiled here (it weighs in at only 1.6 pounds). It has an extremely ergonomic design, which gives you a good typing angle and better viewing for quick response when gaming.


Thermaltake Massive 14 Steel Mesh Panel Dual 140mm Blue LED Fan...
  • Dual Cooling: Double your cooling performance with Dual 140mm Blue LED fans with speeds up to 1200RPM to create the best...
  • Adjustable Control: Take control with adjustable fan speed and LED ON/OFF control to maximize user experience
  • Ergonomic Concept: Supporting (3) different ergonomic heights for ideal viewing angles and hand positioning for total...

Thermaltake has more than one cooling pad on this list for a reason—it is a brand to be reckoned with. This particular cooling pad is meant to be the simplest version of its sister brands. This is for gamers who want to get right to the point and don't need any luxury features—there is really no need for any automatic switches or templates. You know what you want, you know how to get it, and all you need is the equipment to do that.

The Massive does not have an expensive array of LED lights flashing in your face, but this can actually be a great thing for gamers. For some games, the only flashing lights should be in the UI. Anything else can serve as a huge distraction. You get nothing but the best of the basics—great ergonomics, good hand positioning and a powerful fan that gets the job done when it comes to cooling your hardware. You also get a great price that you can use to redirect more money into your games.


Belkin Cool SPOT Cool PAD for LAPTOPS
  • Features: Ergonomic Design
  • Host Interface: USB
  • Color: Black

If you're looking for another cooling pad option that is all about simplicity, then you may have your product here, this is an extremely slim and lightweight cooling pad that is developed for people on the go. However, you lose nothing in terms of performance, even if some people define the overall structure of this cooling pet at as "too Spartan." If you have a laptop up to 15 inches, then you have a definite contender for a low-cost, high-performance cooling pad. Let's take a look at some of the most important features that you can depend on.

With the BelkinCoolSpot, you get a continuous stream of air that is always evenly dispersed. This is very important for gamers to dissipate heat in unexpectedly high-intensity moments while not allowing it to build up over time. You also get a unique design that improves the cooling efficiency of the cooling pad because it pulls the air out instead of pushing it in. It weighs very little—1.62 pounds—which means that you can take it anywhere without even noticing it.


Targus Portable Lightweight Chill Mat Lap with Dual Fans Ventilation...
  • Fans are powered using a standard USB connection that can be connected to your laptop or computer using a mini-USB...
  • Includes a USB hub to help share the USB connectivity used to power the built-in fans.
  • Dual fans help keep you and your laptop cool. A built-in 4-Port Hub allows connection to peripherals. Adjustable height...

This is a great cooling pad for gaming, but it may be one of the best laptop cooling pads for work and remote business. Just like its name says, this device actually wasn't made to keep your hardware cool. It keeps your device chill while it rests on your lap or any other soft surface that you may put it on. It has two fans to keep the heat away from your lap, and it also helps to improve the functionality of your laptop. Neoprene makes sure that you always have a comfortable barrier between your hardware and the surface that you are sitting it on. If this is your lap, you might not even know that it is there after a while.

You also get a raised back, which improves the ergonomics of your laptop when you use it on a hard surface. The incredibly lightweight design keeps the entire structure portable. This is definitely one of the best cooling pads if you have a laptop that overheats a lot. It is great for older laptops because of its open side and ventilated grill, because you get airflow even when you forget to turn the fans on. If you have a notebook or laptop up to 17 inches in size, then you may have found the best laptop cooling pad for you.


So what you do when you have forgotten to cool your laptop and you are in the middle of an intense work session or gaming session? You really don't have time for anything except an immediate solution. If this is your situation, then keep the laptop cooler from AVANTEK on deck. This is a product that you need for a quick fix so that you won't lose work unexpectedly because of an overheating problem or have to sign out of the gaming session just to make sure that your laptop doesn't burn itself out.

You get to fans of 160 mm that both run at speeds up to 1000 rpm each. The metal mesh panel helps to move the airflow in the most advantageous way under your device for great heat dissipation. The 10° inclination angle keeps the entire thing portable and keeps your hands comfortable as well. You can surf the web and blast opponents with the same level of efficiency. You also get incredibly quiet fans that never go above 26 dB no matter what. This laptop cooler fits laptops anywhere from 12 to 17 inches and has stability on any surface you can think to put it on.


Otimo Laptop Cooling Pad for 12-17 inch Laptop - 5 Ultra Quiet Fans -...
  • Maximum Protection: Otimo Laptop Cooling Pad Is A Laptop Overheating Solution Which Uses Continuous Cooling Fans To Draw...
  • Powerful And Quiet: 5 Ultra Quiet Fans With Blue Led Lights -- 1 (120X120X25Mm), 4 (70X70X15Mm) -- Fan Speed 1 (1000 +...
  • Convienient: Holds Any Notebook From 12 To 17" -- Slim And Lightweight For Portability

If you are a person who is always using his laptop at full capacity, then you need the best laptop cooling pad that can handle the need for continuous high efficiency. For all of their advantages, not all of the best laptop cooling pads mentioned on this page can do this. Look very closely at the feature list so that you are not fooled by a cooling pad that is meant for short-term performance as opposed to those that are meant for long-term performance. This particular cooling pad is definitely meant for long-term performance.

The external fan system on the Otimo Laptop Cooling Pad is one of the best in the market. No matter how intense your usage gets, this system is designed to keep the temperature on your device low even when you are using it at its optimal capacity. It has an incredibly sturdy construction that is enhanced by extremely cool visuals. The system is made up of five fans and a blue LED output structure that gives you an air volume of 74.35 CFM at variable RPMs. No matter what, you are definitely getting the most efficient cooling possible over time when you invest in this laptop cooling pad.

You need a high level of compatibility if you are using cooling pads that need to stay on your laptop for extended periods of time. This is also one of the best laptop cooling pads for any device that is sized between 12 and 17 inches. You get six different adjustment levels on the height and anti-slip design so that you can turn the cooling pad into a stand if need be. An additional USB port gives you expanded connectivity, and the company was even nice enough to give you a 3-foot cable so that you don't have to go out and buy one yourself. Finally, all of these features come in an extremely streamlined design. You get one of the most portable laptop coolers on the market when you invest here.


AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad 2 1000RPM Fans Portable Computer Cooler,...
  • AICHESON S007 computer cooling pad is structured with full metal mesh, "pass through" USB port, 1 adjustable stand...
  • As a lap desk chiller or bed cooler pad even stomach chill mat, this small cooling fan for laptop is a great choice.It...
  • 1 adjustable stand heights ergonomic design of the laptop chill mat can add the benefit of the tilt to you for your...

How light do you want your laptop cooling pad to be so that you can ensure the best portability possible? If you could get a laptop cooling pad that weighed less than 1 pound, would you take it? Actually, you have just found one. The AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad comes in at a stunning 0.88 pounds and is only 1 inch thick. Whether you are putting your cooling pad on your lap or on your desk, this is definitely one of the most streamlined products available on the market.

When you invest in the AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad, you get four separate fans that are all extremely powerful and make an incredibly efficient system when they all work together. Combine this with the incredibly durable metal mesh surface, and you get a product that dissipates heat and increases airflow while you gain the ability to personalize the experience with the intuitive control system. The construction of the AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad also allows it to accommodate laptops from 10 inches to 16.5 inches. It has a variable inclination angle that moves from 0° all the way up to 30° for some of the most comfortable typing and viewing you can imagine on any surface. You also never have to worry about the AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad skidding anywhere—it has rubberized feet that let you focus on getting your work done instead of your hardware slipping onto the floor and breaking.


CM Storm SF-15 - Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad with 160mm Fan and...
  • Silent and powerful 160mm fan for excellent cooling performance
  • 4-port USB hub to expand connectivity
  • Cable management with grooved top side for cable routing

If you are a gamer pay attention to the CM Storm. This is a cooling pad for people who know exactly what they want—the best, most durable and efficient gaming accessories on the planet. Feel free to take this cooling pad into your weekday job if you like, but don't be surprised if people stare at you. This is a chunky, aggressive looking cooling pad that is meant to inspire you to new levels of performance while it helps you maintain your hardware.

And just how does the CM Storm SF 15 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad help you maintain your hardware? Aside from complementing the look of your no doubt extremely aggressive gaming laptop, the cooling performance is incredibly efficient and consistent. You get an incredibly powerful and quiet 160 mm fan with an adjustable airflow. You get red LED strips that spice up your life and the design of the cooling pad. You can choose between low noise and medium performance or a bit more noise and high levels of cooling performance. The CM Storm SF 15 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad is also made to fit right into your gaming bag, so you never have to worry about moving it around even though it may look a little chunky at first.

If you want to carry the CM Storm SF 15 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad by itself, it has a rubber handle that is quite comfortable to the touch. You get height adjustment pegs so that you can customize your gaming experience no matter what surface you are on. This is a good fit for gaming laptops that have screens up to 15.6 inches, Cooler Master does it again with a product that will definitely have gamers fighting for dominance.


Macally Laptop Stand with Cooling Fan for Desk | Sturdy Aluminum Frame...
  • ERGONOMIC & PRACTICAL: Our macbook stand elevates your laptop by 6" to achieve the perfect eye level height to prevent...
  • IMPROVE AIRFLOW & PERFORMANCE: Keep your laptop running at its best with natural cooling & a quiet fan: The cooling...
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY & DETACHABLE FAN: The laptop stand with fan will fit any laptop between 10"-17. 3" wide and the satin...

Sometimes you need a solution that is not quite as high tech. Why waste all of that money on features that you don't need if you can get everything that you do need out of a simple solution? This is exactly what the Macally Laptop Cooling Stand is all about—performance and compatibility while not wasting any technical expertise on features that are not necessary. This is also what makes it one of the most unique cooling stands on the market. Let's go through some of its features so that you can know exactly what makes it different.

First of all, instead of a metal or plastic mesh, the Macally Laptop Cooling Stand is pure bamboo. Not only does it make this stand earth-friendly, but it is also incredibly lightweight. Even so, anyone who knows bamboo knows that its durability is unmatched. You never have to worry about this product breaking or being too brittle for the surface or situation that you have it in.

Now let's get to the fan system. Both of the fans inside of the Macally Laptop Cooling Stand measure 2.5 inches. This may seem small, but they actually blow more air than fans that are much larger than they are. You also get a USB cable that is much tougher than some of the flimsy models that you get in the aggressive-looking metal laptop coolers. There is also no need for drivers, so you can instantly begin to cool your laptop no matter when you need it to be cooled. Forget the look—this is definitely one of the best laptop gaming pads on the planet.


Now that you have some of the top performers in the market, you can make an informed decision about the gaming or business cooling pad that you want to invest in. Make sure that you are choosing the pad that you need based on your individual situation, not what your neighbor has. In short, you can't go wrong with the list above. These are definitely among the best laptop cooling pads on the market, and you can trust all the brands here with your laptop's life!

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